About me

Heidi D. Sias

While in high school, a nagging English teacher made sure all of my “i”s were dotted and “t”s were crossed, yet in the end he became a great mentor in teaching me how to write well in various genres. After high school, my interests took me elsewhere initially, as I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Education in Chicago and later my Master of Arts degree in Religion in Indiana. Through life’s twists and turns, however, my writing has always been a constant.

After many years in the work force, I married and followed my husband as he fulfilled his important vocations in life. Now I'm working on fulfilling mine too! Through the years I have been led over and over again into the fields of writing and editing with many excellent mentors who have honed these abilities along the way. Now I want to share those abilities with others.

I currently live with my husband in Missouri, having recently moved from the wide-open spaces of eastern Montana. With my husband's support and encouragement, everything has finally fallen into place for my freelance career. I now have the time to fulfill the needs of my clients and help them turn their ideas for success into words on a page. I’m living the dream to help you live yours.

My interests include a plethora of things including education, entertainment, hiking, exercising, camping, photography, knitting, theology, sports, Apple products, computers, sign language, genealogy, relationships, health, recipes, travel, ranching, and the coal industry. I have a variety of work experience dating back to high school in the fields of retail, real estate, education, industry, medical, ranching, inventory, sports, higher education, theology, Deaf ministry, and administration. All of these things work together in helping me to relate to my clients, to understand their needs, and to get their point across….that's what I want to do for you.