A Sampling of My Services


Proofreading – I proofread anything you write to check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and clarity.

Copy Editing – I make sure your writing is not only error free, but also holds together well and makes your point in a clear and creative manner.

Technical Editing – Have the technical know-how, but not sure how to put it on the page in a clear way? Write down your thoughts and I can help you form those ideas from your imagination into text others can understand too.

Web Content Editing – I search your web page for errors of all kinds, including dead links and format problems.


Corporate Writing – I write press releases, newsletters, brochures, employee memos, flyers, PowerPoint presentations or anything else your company might need in writing.

Grant Writing – I write grants that follow the instructions to a “T” so your proposal doesn’t suffer from early elimination due to a technicality, while also writing clearly and concisely to get your ideas and needs across to the reader.

Web Content Writing – I write history pages, about pages, biography pages, blog posts, announcements, descriptions, or anything else your web site might need.

Educational Writing – My background in elementary education as well as academic writing and editing give me a unique ability to write things simply and clearly for any age level.