Lessons for Lambs

Lessons for Lambs is a children’s bulletin that follows the one-year historic lectionary. Lessons for Lambs is not meant to serve as a way to keep kids busy and quiet during the service, but rather to involve them in what’s going on in the service so they can begin thinking about it. The bulletins are geared toward kids in 2nd through 6th grades with varying degrees of independence. They could certainly be used with younger kids, in part, with help from their parents, and by older kids who still need a better theological foundation.

This resource for churches was developed by Mrs. Heidi Sias (comments welcome) and is free of charge for congregational use.

Each bulletin contains:

  1. Name of the church year week (with an explanation if necessary) and color;

  2. Artwork depicting the Gospel reading for the kids to color (front cover artwork is by Ed Riojas and has been used by permission of Higher Things copyright © 2006. If you would like to order a complete set of the cover art, CLICK HERE);

  3. Something for the kids to “listen for” during the service;

  4. The week’s Gospel reading with questions to think about;

  5. A biography of a featured person from the Bible (related to one of the weekly readings when possible);

  6. A catechism lesson (from the 1912 version, now in public domain, which is almost identical to the 1943 edition familiar to many older LCMS members) and/or hymn (also public domain); and

  7. A puzzle related to what is covered in the week’s bulletin (word search, crossword or word scramble).

  8. Some weeks also include additional artwork to color or drawing boxes asking the children to draw something related to the week.

The entire series is available here, either in individual PDF files or compressed into two ZIP files (Church Year & Feast Days) at the end of the list.

Please let Heidi know if you find any bugs!